Deutsch: Monitor / Español: Monitor / Português: Monitor / Français: Moniteur / Italiano: Monitor

In the industrial and industry context, a monitor refers to a device used to display information and provide real-time feedback on the performance of a process, machine, or system. Monitors can be used to display data, status information, alarms, and control signals.

Examples of monitors in industrial and industry include:

  • Process monitors that display real-time data on the status and performance of a manufacturing process
  • Machine monitors that display information on the operation and performance of a specific machine
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) monitors used for controlling and monitoring process automation systems
  • Video monitors used for remote monitoring and surveillance in a production facility
  • Temperature monitors used for measuring and displaying the temperature of various processes and systems
  • Pressure monitors used to measure and display the pressure in pipelines, tanks, and other containers
  • Flow monitors used for measuring and displaying the flow rate of liquids, gases, and other fluids
  • Vibration monitors used for measuring and monitoring vibration levels in machinery and equipment.

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