Macaroni refers to kind of pasta which is curved, elbow-shaped tubes of pasta, sold in a variety of small and medium sizes.

Macaws refers to various species of parrots of the genus Ara. They are large colorful New World parrots, classified into six of the many Psittacidae genera: Ara, Anodorhynchus, Cyanopsitta, Propyrrhura, Orthopsittaca, and Diopsittaca. They are the largest birds in the parrot family in length and wingspan, though the flightless Kakapo is heavier. The majority of macaws are now endangered in the wild. Five species are already extinct, and Spix's Macaw is now considered to be extinct in the wild.
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Deutsch: Maschine / Español: Máquina / Português: Máquina / Français: Machine / Italiano: Macchina
A machine is a physical device/tool, which is performing a specified job.

Machine tool is as a motion device used for milling, drilling, and other cutting operations. They have simple kinematic chain structure and are very rigid.

Machinery refers to machines or machine systems collectively. Example is a plastic machinery - the term plastic is used to define those group of natural or synthetic material which can be formed, moulded and shaped into products using heating methods or by applying pressure.

Machining revolves around the group of processes in which a shape is generated by removing unwanted material . Machining can be used to make a component from stock material but more often it is used as a secondary process to impart a shape or a level of precision to a manufactured component that cannot be achieved otherwise. Shape restrictions exist for some machining processes.

Made-up means formed by fitting or joining components together

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  Made-up textile articles
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Mag Wheel is a kind of wheel that is usually made of composite material , with either 7 or 9 spokes.

The term magenta refers to an extra-spectral color that may be perceived as a mixture of red and blue or violet light, and may be represented as 0, 100, 0, 0 in the CMYK color model, or 255, 0, 255 in the RGB color system.

Magnesium refers to a light, silvery, moderately hard metallic element used in processing metals and chemicals, and in alloying aluminum to give it desired metallurgical properties.

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