Metal-complex dye means having a co-ordinated metal atom in its molecule. Note: unless the term Metal-complex dye used in direct association with a particular application class of dye, e.g. "metal-complex disperse dye" or "metal-complex reactive dye", its use is deprecated.

Mercantile establishment refers to the place of business for retailing goods. Synonymous to retail store, sales outlet.

Maximum and minimum thermometer refers to a thermometer in which the maximum and minimum temperatures reached in a given time interval are memorized by means of various devices, such as a quantity of liquid poured into a vessel, or the displacement of tiny cursors in the capillary tubes.

Motor diagnostic product helps maintain brushed dc motors. Its applications include vibration monitoring systems for preventive maintenance of all rotating machinery, commutator measuring devices for determining true roundness and spring pressure measurement devices.

Meat byproduct refers to any part capable of use as human food, other than meat, which has been derived from one or more cattle, sheep, swine, or goats.

Mask is defined as a glass plate with a pattern of transparent and opaque areas used to photolithographically create patterns on wafers. A mask is commonly used to refer to a plate that has a pattern large enough to pattern a whole wafer at one time.

Motor generator is a device normally used either to regulate or condition power from a raw power source like electric utility grid.

Methanol or methyl alcohol is characterized as a colorless poisonous liquid, with essentially no odor and very little taste. It is the simplest alcohol, and has a formula CH3OH.