Machine tool is as a motion device used for milling, drilling, and other cutting operations. They have simple kinematic chain structure and are very rigid.

Deutsch: Material
Material is anything which consists of one or more substances which are intentionally used to form another material or final product.

Mineral processing refers to the dry and wet crushing and grinding of ore or other mineral-bearing products for the purpose of raising concentrate grade; removal of waste and unwanted or deleterious substances from an otherwise useful product; separation into distinct species of mixed minerals; chemical attack and dissolution of selected values.

Manufacture means to produce, prepare, or compound a substance listed in Schedule 1 and includes the coincidental production of a substance, listed in Schedule 1, as a by-product as a result of the manufacturing, processing or other use of other substances.

A container fitted with a means of forced air ventilation.

Multi-Tank Container is a container frame fitted to accommodate two or more separate tanks for liquids.

A container loaded with cargo for two or more consignees. Cargo may be assigned to a breakbulk point for distribution to the final consignee or it may be delivered to each consignee via the stop-off service provided by carriers.

Metal/resin productis defined as resin injection moulded components around metal parts. These are typically applied in terminal blocks , low/medium voltage industrial insulators, brush holder supports, tap changer parts, transformer bushings and through connectors.

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