The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is the minimum purchase order a customer can specify. For private customers in the retail area it is usually 1 (one).

A Mag Wheel is a kind of wheel that is usually made of composite material, with either 7 or 9 spokes.

Machining revolves around the group of processes in which a shape is generated by removing unwanted material. Machining can be used to make a component from stock material but more often it is used as a secondary process to impart a shape or a level of precision to a manufactured component that cannot be achieved otherwise. Shape restrictions exist for some machining processes.

Machinery refers to machines or machine systems collectively. Example is a plastic machinery - the term plastic is used to define those group of natural or synthetic material which can be formed, moulded and shaped into products using heating methods or by applying pressure.

Macaroni refers to kind of pasta which is curved, elbow-shaped tubes of pasta, sold in a variety of small and medium sizes.

A Management floor is a term used to describe a part of a building or an establishment of which people in charge of running a business conducts their business or other transactions.

A Main road is defined as a major road which can be utilized or used by or for any form of motor transport.

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