Deutsch: Sauerstoff / Español: Oxígeno / Português: Oxigênio / Français: Pierre Bayen / Italiano: Ossigeno
Oxygen is a chemical element with symbol O and atomic number 8. It is a member of the chalcogen group on the periodic table and is a highly reactive nonmetallic element and oxidizing agent that readily forms compounds (notably oxides) with most elements.

In the industrial and industry context, oxygen is a chemical element that is widely used as a reactant, oxidizer, and processing aid in many industrial processes and applications.

Examples of the use of oxygen in industry include:

  1. Steel production: Oxygen is used to increase the temperature of furnaces for steel production, which helps in removing impurities from the steel.

  2. Combustion: Oxygen is used in combustion processes, particularly in the power generation industry, where it is mixed with fuel to generate heat and power.

  3. Welding: Oxygen is used in welding processes as an oxidizer, which helps to increase the temperature of the weld.

  4. Chemical production: Oxygen is used in the production of chemicals such as fertilizers, plastics, and synthetic fibers.

  5. Refining: Oxygen is used in refining processes, particularly in the petroleum and petrochemical industries, where it helps to remove impurities from crude oil.

  6. Water treatment: Oxygen is used in water treatment processes to oxidize impurities, reduce the growth of bacteria, and improve water quality.

  7. Medical: Oxygen is used in the medical field for respiratory therapy, anesthesia, and in the treatment of patients with lung-related conditions.

  8. Food processing: Oxygen is used in food processing to preserve the quality and extend the shelf-life of food products.

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