Deutsch: Instrument / Español: Instrumento / Português: Instrumento / Français: Instrument / Italiano: Strumento
In an industrial or manufacturing context, "instrument" typically refers to a device or tool that is used to measure, monitor, or control various aspects of an industrial process or operation. It can also refer to the equipment or machinery that is used in a particular process or industry.

Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe (L.: Ferrum) and atomic number 26.

Incorporated is defined as organized and maintained as a legal corporation and registered with a government body as such; made a legal entity.

Incinerator is defined as a crematory instrument for the combustion (incineration) of organic material , leaving only ash. It is a large plant used to burn waste at high temperatures.

Ice-cooled display counter refers to a counter that is not refrigerated but cools the product (usually fish) but the said fish should always be displayed on a bed of ice.

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Integrated Tow Barge are series of barges that are connected together to operate as one unit.

Inverter refers to converts DC electricity from batteries into AC electricity for use by a motor.

Ingot refers to a cast form suitable for remelting or fabricating. An ingot may take many forms: some may be 9 meters long and weigh 14 metric tons; others are notched or specially shaped for stacking and handling.