Imprint is identified as the name of the printer (or designer) in the margin of the stamp. Sometimes the imprint appears in the sheet margin instead of on each stamp.
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i.d. is an abbreviation for internal diameter or inside diameter.
inside diameter (i.d.): The diameter of the inner walls of a pipe or tube.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): deer, denser
I/O kit refers to an object-oriented framework for developing device drivers on Mac OS X. The I/O Kit provides many features, from a set of object classes that model system software and streamline the task of writing device drivers, to a dynamic model for identifying, loading, and unloading drivers and other services in a running system.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Kits
Identifier pertains to a term in prolog and programming in general. It is defined as a sequence of letters, underscores, and digits, with the requirement that the first two characters must be letters.

Likewise, identifier refers to the name of an item in a program written in the Java programming language.
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Igloo is described as a structural or non-structural container contoured to the dimensions of a standard body freighter main deck.
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Igneous rock is identified as rocks formed from magma that has cooled and solidified either at the earth's surface or deep below the earth's surface.. Examples of igneous rocks are basalt which are formed from magna that has cooled and solidified at the earth's surface and granite which are formed from magna that has cooled and solidified deep below the earth's surface.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): R?cke, Rocker, rockers, Rocks
Imax refers to a camera and projection systems developed for the largest film frame present in the motion picture industry. The individual frames are exposed, or projected, through an horizontal aperture and allow film sizes three times larger than 35mm frames. With the addition of a fish-eye lens to the projector these images can be projected on a dome shaped screen.
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In situ is defined as within the natural range of a species.

Often used in the phrase 'in-situ conservation' in reference to conservation efforts carried out within the range of a species.

French - in situ
Spanish - in situ

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"In situ" is in the UNSPSC Code "12164100"
  In situ
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