Incandescent bulb is defined as a household bulb with a tungsten filament wire that lights when electricity flows through it.

An Indicator is an observed value representative of a phenomenon to study. In general, indicators are quantify information by aggregating different and multiple data. The resulting information is therefore synthesized. In short, indicators simplify information that can help to reveal complex phenomena.

Incineration is described as the process of burning solid waste under controlled conditions to reduce its weight and volume, and often to produce energy.

The term ink may refer to the following: 

  • a liquid or paste medium, containing various components, such as pigments or dyes, that may be used to color a surface to produce text, images or designs
  • a type of dark pigment secreted by certain species of animals, mostly cephalopods, usually as a means of evading predators

nstitutional/nursing home/depot refers to the least expensive type of Wheel chair available. These chairs are designed for institutional usage only, such as transporting patients in hospitals or nursing homes. It is not an appropriate alternative for anyone who requires independent movement, as the institutional chair is not fitted for a specific individual.

The Internal fitting are securing cargo inside a container. Especially for ship-container it is important that the products inside the container are not moving duriong a storm.

Ref: 123369/2006-10-14


I.G. unit or Insulating glass unit pertains to two or more lites of glass separated by a spacer and hermetically sealed at the glass edges.
Ref: 124355/2006-10-19

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): unite, unites, units

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