Idler gear is a type of gear wheel placed between two other gears to transmit motion from one to the other.

Incentive spirometer pertains to a device that encourages deep inspiration to Expand the lungs and improve cough effectiveness.

English: Industry / Deutsch: Industrie / Español: Industria / Português: Indústria / Français: Industrie / Italiano: Industria /

Industry refers to the most detailed category available in NAICS to describe business activities. NAICS provides hundreds of separate industry categories, unique categories that reflect different methods used to produce goods and services.

ISO 14000 refers to the standards and guidelines defined by the International Standards Organization for environmental management systems.

Ignition Coil refers to a :device used to supply DC voltage to the spark plugs. It is a transformer in the ignition circuit that steps up the voltage provided to the spark plugs.

Deutsch: Versicherung / Español: Seguro / Português: Seguro / Français: Assurance / Italiano: Assicurazione /

Insurance, in law and economics, is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of potential financial loss.

Incandescent bulb is defined as a household bulb with a tungsten filament wire that lights when electricity flows through it.