Deutsch: Landwirtschaft/ Español: Agricultura/ Português: Agricultura/ Français: Agriculture/ Italiano: Agricoltura/

The term agriculture refers to the science, art or occupation of farming, including but not limited to the cultivation of land, the growing of crops, and the rearing of livestock and poultry for their various products in order to sustain and enhance human life.

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"Agriculture" is in the NAICS Code "115"
(Support Activities for Agriculture and ForestrySupport Activities for Agriculture and Forestry)

"Agriculture" is in the UNSPSC Code "86101500"
Agriculture and forestry and other natural resources training services

Ref: 123428/2006-10-14

Agriculture revolves around the energy-consuming subsector of the industrial sector that consists of all facilities and equipment engaged in growing crops and raising animals.The art or science of cultivating the ground, including the harvesting of crops, and the rearing and management of live stock; tillage; husbandry; and farming.

Ref: 120708/2006-10-01

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Agriculture, hunting and related service activities

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