Deutsch: Geflügel / Español: Ave de corral / Português: Ave de capoeira / Français: Volaille / Italiano: Pollame

Poultry is a category of domesticated birds kept by humans for the purpose of collecting of their eggs, or killing for their meat or feathers.

In the industrial and business context, poultry refers to domesticated birds that are raised for their meat and eggs. The most common types of poultry include chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese. Poultry is an important industry worldwide, with billions of birds raised and processed every year. Here are some examples of poultry in the industrial and business context:

  1. Chicken: Chicken is the most commonly consumed type of poultry worldwide. It is used in a variety of dishes, from fast food to gourmet cuisine.

  2. Turkey: Turkey is another popular type of poultry, particularly in the United States, where it is a traditional food for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  3. Duck: Duck is a rich and flavorful meat that is popular in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia and Europe.

  4. Geese: Geese are less commonly consumed than other types of poultry, but they are still used for their meat and eggs in many parts of the world.

  5. fow
  6. quails
  7. Anseriformes, waterfowl
  8. pigeons
  9. doves
  10. pheasants

Poultry is typically raised in specialized facilities and is subject to strict regulations to ensure food safety and animal welfare. The poultry industry involves a range of businesses, from hatcheries that supply baby chicks to farms that raise the birds to processing plants that prepare the meat and eggs for sale. Poultry products are sold in a variety of forms, including fresh and frozen whole birds, chicken parts, eggs, and processed products such as deli meats and sausages.

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