Underground means under the level of the ground; belowground storage areas; underground caverns.

Underwear is defined as clothing or an article of clothing worn next to the skin and under other clothing. Boxer shorts, briefs, thongs, bikini, boxer briefs, panties etc.

Utilization equipment is referring to equipment that uses electric energy for mechanical, chemical, heating, lighting, or other useful purposes, such as an electric motor.

The acronym UTC may refer to the following:

  • Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC), the primary basis or standard used worldwide in the regulation of clocks and time

The acronym ULD may refer to the following:

Unleaded gasoline is characterized as gasoline that contains less than 0.0018 ounces (0.05 grams) of lead per gallon (3.785 liters).

Ref: 124283/2006-10-01

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An Upright vacuum refers to a kind of vacuum that is perfect for large, carpeted areas of the house. Uprights use a motor-driven beater brush that loosens and removes dirt through suction.

Upholstery pertains to a component of wheelchairs that must withstand daily use in all kinds of weather. Consequently, manufacturers provide a variety of options to users, ranging from cloth to new synthetic fabrics to leather.