Deutsch: Abrasion / Français: Abrasion - Abrasion / Italiano: Abrasione - Abrasione

The term abrasion may refer to the following:

  • the act or process of damaging or wearing away (the surface of) an object by means of friction
  • a dermatological term for a type of (superficial) wound in which only the epidermis shows signs of or is damaged
  • a dental term for damage done to parts of the tooth, usually the enamel, caused by objects rubbing and/or scraping against the teeth
  • a geological term for a type of mechanical weathering caused by various factors, including but not limited to waves, wind and erosion
  • abrasion coast (or cliffed coast), a type of coastline or seashore wherein the waves from the adjacent body of water have eroded the land and formed cliffs

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