Deutsch: Plattform / Español: Plataforma / Português: Plataforma / Français: Plate-forme

In an industrial or industry context, a platform refers to a raised structure used for a specific purpose or application.

Examples of platforms used in industries include:

  1. Work platforms: raised structures used for workers to access equipment, machinery, or other work areas
  2. Loading platforms: elevated areas used for loading and unloading goods and materials
  3. Drilling platforms: offshore structures used for oil and gas exploration and production
  4. Construction platforms: raised structures used by construction workers for access to buildings, bridges, or other structures during construction or maintenance
  5. Aerial platforms: platforms attached to vehicles, such as cherry pickers or cranes, used to lift workers or equipment to high places
  6. Processing platforms: raised structures used in manufacturing or processing plants to provide access to equipment or processing areas.

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