Deutsch: Crane / Português: Crane / Français: Crane / Italiano: Crane
Crane is an industrial machinery for lifting. 

In an industrial context, "crane" refers to a machine designed to lift, move, and transport heavy loads, typically in construction and manufacturing applications.

The crane industry encompasses the design, manufacturing, and deployment of cranes for a variety of applications, including construction, shipping, and manufacturing. Some examples of industries related to cranes include:

  1. Construction equipment manufacturing and rental
  2. Shipping and ports, including container handling and shipyard cranes
  3. Manufacturing and industrial material handling
  4. Mining and resource extraction, including mining cranes and hoists
  5. Power generation and heavy machinery maintenance and repair
  6. Infrastructure and heavy lifting, including bridge and tower construction
  7. Waste and recycling, including scrap handling cranes.

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