In the industrial/industry context, an accident refers to any unplanned event or occurrence that results in harm to people, damage to property, or disruption of normal business operations. Accidents can occur in a wide range of settings, including manufacturing facilities, construction sites, transportation systems, and more.

Examples of industrial accidents include:

  1. Chemical spills or leaks in a manufacturing plant
  2. Fires or explosions at a refinery or chemical plant
  3. Equipment failure or malfunction in a factory or construction site
  4. Falls from height at a construction site or warehouse
  5. Vehicle accidents in a transportation setting

Similar terms related to accidents in the industrial/industry context include incidents, near misses, and hazards. An incident refers to any event that could have resulted in harm but did not. Near misses refer to events where an accident was narrowly avoided. Hazards are potential sources of harm or danger that could lead to an accident if not properly managed or controlled. Identifying and managing hazards is an important part of accident prevention in the industrial/industry context.

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