In the industrial or industry context, "case" refers to a protective container, shell, or housing for a product, equipment, or device. Cases serve various purposes, including protection against damage, transportation, storage, and display.

Some examples of industrial uses of cases include:

  • Equipment Cases: Hard or soft cases used to protect and transport sensitive equipment, such as cameras, test equipment, or medical devices.

  • Tool Cases: Durable cases used to organize, store, and transport tools, such as hand tools, power tools, or measuring tools.

  • Shipping Cases: Heavy-duty cases used to protect and transport products during shipping, such as products made of glass, electronic components, or fragile goods.

  • Display Cases: Cases used to showcase products, such as jewelry, collectibles, or retail merchandise, in stores, exhibitions, or trade shows.

  • Protective Cases: Cases used to protect products and equipment from environmental hazards, such as extreme temperatures, dust, moisture, or shock, such as cases for electronic devices or ruggedized cases for military equipment.

  • Transport Cases: Cases designed for easy transport, such as flight cases for musical instruments, road cases for stage equipment, or transit cases for scientific equipment.


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