Deutsch: Einzelhandel / Español: Minorista / Português: Varejo / Français: Commerce de dêtail / Italiano: Vendita al dettaglio

Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end-user. Retailers are part of an integrated system called the supply chain. A retailer purchases goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers directly or through a wholesale, and then sells smaller quantities to the consumer for a profit. 

Retail refers to the sale of goods or merchandise directly to the end-consumer for personal or household use, usually in small quantities. This is in contrast to "wholesale," which involves selling goods in large quantities to intermediate buyers or businesses.

Examples of retail businesses:

  • Department stores (e.g. Walmart, Macy's)
  • Specialty stores (e.g. Best Buy for electronics, Nike for athletic wear)
  • Supermarkets (e.g. Safeway, Kroger)
  • Online retailers (e.g. Amazon, Etsy)

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