Português: Musical

In an industrial or industry context, the term "musical" typically refers to the creation, production, and distribution of music and musical performances.

This can encompass a wide range of activities and businesses, including:

  • Record labels: companies that produce and distribute recorded music.

  • Music production: the creation of recorded music, including recording studios, sound engineers, and music producers.

  • Music publishing: the licensing and distribution of musical compositions, including sheet music, songwriting, and royalties.

  • Live performance: the presentation of live musical performances, including concerts, musical theater, and other live events.

  • Musical instrument manufacturing: the production of musical instruments, including pianos, guitars, drums, and other instruments.

  • Music education: the teaching and learning of music, including music schools, private lessons, and music programs in schools.

  • Music technology: the development and production of technology related to music, such as audio equipment, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and music software.

These are just a few examples of the many businesses and industries that fall under the umbrella of "musical" in an industrial or industry context.

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