A Main road is defined as a major road which can be utilized or used by or for any form of motor transport.

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high road; avenue (in Straßennamen)

Magnesium refers to a light, silvery, moderately hard metallic element used in processing metals and chemicals, and in alloying aluminum to give it desired metallurgical properties.

The term methyl refers to a group of substances that are derived from methane and contain one atom of carbon bonded to three atoms of hydrogen.

The term magenta refers to an extra-spectral color that may be perceived as a mixture of red and blue or violet light, and may be represented as 0, 100, 0, 0 in the CMYK color model, or 255, 0, 255 in the RGB color system.

Meat refers to the fleshy part of an animal that is used for food or the edible part of something, such as the nuts inside of nut shells.

Deutsch: Maschine / Español: Máquina / Português: Máquina / Français: Machine / Italiano: Macchina
A machine is a physical device/tool, which is performing a specified job.

A Merchant is the operator of a business that sells goods or services, such as a store, restaurant, gas station, and others

Motor oil is described as a kind of oil that lubricates all the moving parts of an engine, by providing a protective film that reduces wear and friction, meaning more power is transferred to the wheels.

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