Glucose pertains to the simple sugar (monosaccharide) that serves as the chief source of energy in the body.

Glucose is the principal sugar the body makes. The body makes glucose from proteins, fats and, in largest part, carbohydrates. Glucose is carried to each cell through the bloodstream. Glucose is also known as dextrose.

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"Glucose" is in the CPC Code "2321"
Glucose and glucose syrup; fructose and fructose syrup; invert sugar; sugars and sugar syrups n.e.c.; artificial honey; caramel

"Glucose" is in the HS Code "1702"
Other Sugars, Including Chemically Pure Lactose, Maltose, Glucose And Fructose, In Solid Form; Sugar

"Glucose" is in the UNSPSC Code "41115830"
Glucose analyzers

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