Deutsch: Fructose / Español: Fructosa / Português: Frutose / Français: Fructose / Italiano: Fruttosio

Fructose, as the name implies, is the sugar found naturally in fruit. It can be extracted, turned into granules and used like sugar in the kitchen. It used to be considered a healthier alternative to sucrose -- plain old table sugar. It's sweeter, so less is needed to achieve the same taste. Diabetics use it because fructose doesn't stimulate insulin production, so blood sugar levels remain stable.

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"Fructose" is in the HS Code "1702.60"
- - Other Fructose and fructose syrup, containing in the dry state more than 50 % by weight of fructose, excluding invert sugar
Fructose (excl. chemically pure fructose) & fructose syrup, cont. in the dry state >50% by wt. of fr ...

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