Corn is defined as a grain crop that grows on a stalk. The kernels of corn grow in rows on each ear. Most people are familiar with the fresh corn that can be found in the produce department of the local grocery store.

The grain type corn is not harvested fresh, it is allowed to dry on the stalk and then is harvested with a combine. This type of corn is used primarily in animal feed or in cereal products.

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"Corn" is in the NAICS Code "11115"
(Corn Farming11115)

"Corn" is in the HS Code "1904"
Prepared Foods Obtained By The Swelling Or Roasting Of Cereals Or Cereal Products (For Example, Corn

"Corn" is in the UNSPSC Code "10151513"
Corn seeds or seedlings

Ref: 123343/2006-10-01

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