Cork is the inner bark of the evergreen cork oak (Quercus suber). This variety of oak covers approximately 2.5 million hectares, primarily in seven countries, which are:

Portugal with 32% of the area
Spain with 22%
Algeria with 18%
Morocco with 15%
France, Tunisia and Italy, each with 4%

Since 1930, Portugal has led the world in the production of cork.The cork oak tree is arguably Portugal's finest asset, accounting for over half the world's total cork production. Cork has been widely used since it was first popularised by the French monk Dom Perignon in the 1600s; it has been invaluable to the wine industry ever since.

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"Cork" is in the HS Code "45"
Cork and articles of cork

"Cork" is in the UNSPSC Code "11121606"

"Cork" is in the NAICS Code "321999"
All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Manufacturing
Cork products (except gaskets) manufacturing

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