Marbled paper is defined as a technique for producing decorative papers for book work by floating pigments in a tank of water or size, manipulating them, and laying paper over them to take the design.
Ref: 122797/2006-10-11

Marbled paper is described as a decorative sheet of paper printed with a pattern that resembles marble. Marbled paper is oftened use for endleaves in expensive books.
Ref: 120780/2006-10-04

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Papers
Matte paper revolves around a paper that is coated with a non-glossy surface. Matte paper is often used to create drama when combined with printed photos which appear shiny in comparison to the paper.
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Forklift trucks, platform tracks, warehousing industrial cranes, stradle carrier trucks, pallet trucks, platform trucks, warehousing trailers, conveyer systems and others, used in storage and handling operations.

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"Material Handling Equipment" is in the NAICS Code "33392"
  (Material Handling Equipment ManufacturingMaterial Handling Equipment Manufacturing)

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Mechanical watch is described as a watch that stores the running power by means of a mainspring. The mainspring is either wound up manually in a handwinding watch or in an automatic watch by the swinging weight (Rotor) through the movement of the arm.
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Memory book is describe as a scrapbook or photo album devoted to specific people or events.

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"Memory book" is in the UNSPSC Code "60105702"
  Memory book posts or extenders
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Memories, Books
Mercerization refers to a process that eliminates all of the small "hairs" of yarn, which adds to its luster. This yarn is then additionally run through a caustic solution, which further smoothes and adds gloss to the yarn surface by burning off additional fabric hairs.
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Microfiber refers to a very fine fibers, which give a unique appearance and soft hand. Microfiber fabrics are generally lightweight, resilient and resist wrinkling. They have a luxurious drape and the body retains its shape and resists pilling. They are also very strong and durable.

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"Microfiber" is in the UNSPSC Code "40161518"
  Microfiber filters
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