Ammunition is in reference to explosive of any of the foregoing classes enclosed in any case or contrivance so as to form a cartridge, charge, fuse, firing tube, percussion cap, detonator, fog signal, shell, torpedo, war rocket, or other like contrivance other than a firework, or any explosive so otherwise adapted or prepared as to form any contrivance other than a firework.

Ammunition is a collective name for cartridges (or equivalent). This generally refers to the assembled components of a complete cartridge or round. i.e., a case or shell holding a primer, a charge of propellant (gunpowder) and a projectile (bullets in the case of handguns and rifles, multiple pellets or single slugs in shotguns). Muzzle loading firearms are loaded by individual component and that is not considered to be ammunition per se. In addition, a muzzle loader is considered to be unloaded if their is no priming powder in the pan (Flintlock) or no percussion cap on the nipple, (Percussion).

Ammunition is a generic military term meaning (the assembly of) a projectile and its propellant. It is derived through French from the Latin munire (to provide). Small projectiles, like those fired from rifles and handguns (collectively known as small arms), are called bullets. A "round" is a unit of ammunition, for small arms this is the combination of bullet, propellant, primer and cartridge case.

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"Ammunition" is in the NAICS Code "332992"
  (Small Arms Ammunition ManufacturingPercussion caps (i.e., 30 mm. or less, 1.18 inch or less), ammunition, manufacturing)

"Ammunition" is in the UNSPSC Code "46101700"
  Ammunition handling systems

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Ammunition is a name given to projectiles and explosive substances deployed from cannons, mortars and other small-arms, such as grenades, cartridges, bullets, gunpowder and also swords and bayonets.

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"Ammunition" is in the NAICS Code "332992"
  (Small Arms Ammunition ManufacturingBB shot manufacturing)

"Ammunition" is in the UNSPSC Code "25111703"
  Ammunition ships

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