Deutsch: Block / Español: Bloque / Français: Block / Italiano: Blocco

The term block may refer to the following:

  • an administrative division or sub-division of a city or country, whose exact defintion and/or area may vary from place to place
  • License block, a geographically defined area for the purposes of prospecting, exploration and mining, or the extraction of natural resources by other means
  • a perforated or vented box, usually made of plastic or metal, for tissue processing
  • Nerve block (or regional nerve blockade), a deliberate interruption of signals traveling along the nerve, usually for the purpose of pain relief
  • a set of adjacent groups in the periodic table of elements
  • Block (also blocking high, blocking anticyclones), in meteorology, large-scale patterns in the atmospheric pressure field that may remain near stationary for days or weeks, causing affected areas to experience the same kind of weather for the duration, and also effectively block or redirect migratory cyclones