The term atmosphere may refer to the following:

  • a gaseous layer enveloping a planet or other celestial body
  • the pervading general feeling, mood or tone of a place, situation or creative work
  • Standard atmosphere (symbol: atm), a unit of pressure that may be used as a reference or standard pressure
  • Atmosphere, an American hip hop group
  • Atmosphere, a Polish rock band
  • Atmosphere, the 1997 self-titled debut album by the Polish rock band of the same name
  • Atmosphere: Electronic Suite, a 2003 album by Brazilian musician Eloy Fritsch
  • Atmosphere, a 2007 album by American Christian rock band Sevenglory
  • Atmosphere, a 2013 album by American DJ and Electronic Dance Music producer Kaskade
  • Atmosphères, a 1961 orchestral piece by composer György Ligeti
  • Atmosphere, a 1980 song from the single of the same name by English rock band Joy Division
  • Atmosphere, a 1984 song from the single of the same name by English musician, comedian and actor Russ Abbot
  • Atmosphere, a song from the 2013 album of the same name by American DJ and Electronic Dance Music producer Kaskade
  • Atmosphere, a song from American funk rock band Funkadelic's 1975 album, Let's Take It to the Stage
  • Atmospheres, an American weather news and information show that ran from 2000-2003
  • Atmospheric theatre, a type of cinema architecture
  • Atmosphere Visual Effects, a Canadian visual effects company
  • Adobe Atmosphere, a discontinued 3D computer graphics software platform

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