The term flight may refer to the following:

  • an act, instance or process in which an object or creature moves through (or beyond) an atmosphere without direct support from any surface
  • a continuous series of stair steps between one landing or floor to another
  • a military unit, usually comprised of multiple aircraft, their crews and ground staff or other support personnel
  • an advertising term for a period of time in which commercial advertisements for a particular product are shown or aired
  • Fletching (or flight), a term for the usage of materials, such as feathers, for the aerodynamic stabilization of arrows or darts
  • a 1966 bronze sculpture by American artist Arlie Sinaiko, currently located at the Lynden Sculpture Garden in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the US
  • Flight International (or Flight), a weekly aviation news magazine
  • a 1938 short story by American writer John Steinbeck
  • a 1957 short story by British writer Doris Lessing
  • a 2007 historical fiction novel by Native American writer Sherman Alexie
  • a 1927 play by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov
  • a 1998 English three-act opera comissioned by the Glyndebourne Opera
  • a 1929 American adventure film
  • a 2012 American drama film
  • Flight (Hangul: ??, a.k.a. Fly High), a 2009 South Korean film
  • The Flight (Russian: ???), a 1970 Soviet film, loosely based on Mikhail Bulgakov's 1927 play
  • a 2008 digital single by American futurepop music group Cesium_137
  • a 1988 album by Norwegian guitarist Thorgeir Stubø
  • a 2002 album by American Christian rock band Building 429
  • a 2010 album by American ambient post-rock band Windsor Airlift
  • Microsoft Flight, a 2012 flight simulation computer game from Microsoft Studios

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"Flight" is in the NAICS Code "611512"
(Flight TrainingSchools, aviation)

"Flight" is in the UNSPSC Code "25201700"
Flight communications related systems

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