An Aircraft concerned with any machine that can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air otherwise than by the reactions of the air against the surface of the earth.

It includes any vehicle, such as an airplane, helicopter, balloon, etc., for floating in, or flying through, the air. Some types of aircrafts are:

1. Combi aircaft means an aircraft configured to carry both passengers and cargo on the main deck. The main deck meaning the deck on which the major portion of the payload is carried.

2. Convertible aircraft refers to an aircraft which can be converted from an all-passenger configuration to an allcargo configuration or vice-versa, or to various configurations of passenger and cargo.

3. High Capacity aircraft are aircrafts which is equivalent to wide-bodied aircraft. Specifically refers to: B747, B767, B777, A300, A310, A330, A340, DC10, MD-11, L-1011, IL-86 and IL-96.

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"Aircraft" is in the NAICS Code "336411"
(Aircraft ManufacturingAircraft manufacturing)

"Aircraft" is in the CPC Code "496"
Aircraft and spacecraft, and parts thereof

"Aircraft" is in the HS Code "8801"
Balloons And Dirigibles ; Gliders, Hang Gliders And Other Non-Powered Aircraft

"Aircraft" is in the UNSPSC Code "25130000"

Ref: 120799/2006-09-19

Aircraft refers to a craft that flies in the air; either fixed or rotory wing. It is any machine capable of atmospheric flight and vehicle which can be flown through the air.

-see also:
"Aircraft" is in the NAICS Code "336411"
(Aircraft ManufacturingDeveloping and producing prototypes for aircraft)

"Aircraft" is in the CPC Code "43134"
Aircraft launching gear ; deck-arrestor or similar gear; ground flying trainers

"Aircraft" is in the HS Code "8407.10"
- - Aircraft engines

"Aircraft" is in the UNSPSC Code "25111702"
Aircraft carriers

Ref: 86188/2006-09-13

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