Carrier is a mechanism by which information is transported over distance or time.

For manuscripts or printed documents, the carrier consists of a base and the medium, typically paper and ink. For photographs, the carrier includes the base, commonly paper, film, glass, or metal; the substance that forms the image, such as silver or dye; and any binder, such as gelatin or albumen. For digital information the carrier may be physical, such as a disk or a tape with a magnetic or optical layer, or a signal convede by radio frequency or electrical current.

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"Carrier" is in the CPC Code "8411"
  Carrier services

"Carrier" is in the UNSPSC Code "42241513"
  Carrier and storage cases for splints or precut splints or splint systems

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A common carrier is an organization that transports a product or service using its facilities, or those of other carriers, and offers its services to the general public.

Traditionally common carrier means a business that transports people or physical goods. In the 20th century, the term came to refer also to utilities (those transporting some service such as communications or public utilities). The term differs from private carrier , which operates solely for the benefit of one entity and does not offer services to the general public.

A property common carrier is an organization (often a commercial or private business but sometimes a government agency) that provides transportation of persons or goods, often over a definite route according to a regular schedule, making its services available to all who choose to employ them. Airlines, railroads, bus lines, cruise ships and trucking companies are examples of property common carriers.

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"Carrier" is in the CPC Code "84110"
  Carrier services

"Carrier" is in the UNSPSC Code "42241513"
  Carrier and storage cases for splints or precut splints or splint systems

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