Deutsch: Gelatine / Español: Gelatina / Português: Gelatina / Français: Gêlatine / Italiano: Gelatina animale

Gelatin (from Latin: gelatus meaning "stiff", "frozen") is a protein extracted from animal hides and used in a variety of foodstuffs to produce jellies. In photography gelatine is used to suspend the light sensitive silver halides and bind them to the film or paper base. It is also a substance similar to refined animal glue used for paper sizing, plate-making, and as a protective layer for some forms of photographs.

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"Gelatin" is in the HS Code "3503"
Gelatin (Including Gelatin In Rectangular (Including Square) Sheets, Whether Or Not Surface-Worked O

"Gelatin" is in the UNSPSC Code "50192404"
Gelatin or jelly crystals

"Gelatin" is in the NAICS Code "311999"
All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing
Gelatin dessert preparations manufacturing

Ref: 123772/2006-09-19

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