The term deck may refer to the following:

  • a floor area or platform on a seafaring vehicle or bus that serves as a structural element and/or a floor for its compartments
  • a flat, roofless, outdoor floor area or platform, usually elevated and with railings, that is connected to an adjoining structure
  • Bridge deck (or roadbed), the roadway, pedestrian walkway or the general surface part of a bridge
  • Head unit (or deck), a component of an audio-visual system in a vehicle or home entertainment that provides a unified hardware interface for its various components
  • a term for a set of devices used by disc jockeys that includes one or more record players (or turntables) and a mixing console (or mixer)
  • Tape deck (also tape recorder, tape machine ), an audio storage device that may be used to play back and record audio on magnetic tape
  • a theatrical term for a stage
  • the flat surface part of a skateboard
  • deck (also pack, set), a collection of cards, usually for playing card games

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"Deck" is in the UNSPSC Code "25111913"
  Deck hatches

Ref: 122261/2006-10-09


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