Deutsch: Scheibe / Español: Disco (desambiguación) / Português: Disco / Français: Disque

In an industrial context, the term "disc" often refers to a flat circular plate or a rotating component that is part of a machine.

Some examples of the use of the term "disc" in the industrial and manufacturing industry include:

  1. Brake disc - A component of a braking system in a vehicle, typically made of metal, that rotates with the wheel and is subjected to friction by the brake pads to slow down or stop the vehicle.

  2. Cutting disc - A flat, circular saw blade used for cutting various materials, such as metal, wood, or concrete, by rotating the blade at high speed.

  3. Disc harrow - A farm implement that is used for breaking up and smoothing out soil, typically consisting of multiple discs attached to a frame that rotate in opposite directions.

  4. Disc valve - A type of valve that uses a flat disc to control the flow of fluid or air by opening or closing an opening in the valve body.

  5. Disc plough - A type of plow used for digging and turning over soil, typically consisting of multiple discs attached to a frame that rotate to cut through the soil and turn it over.

  6. Disc brake - A type of braking system that uses friction pads to slow down or stop a rotating component, such as a wheel or a shaft, by pressing the pads against a disc that rotates with the component.

  7. Disc sanders - Power tools used for sanding and smoothing materials, such as wood or metal, by rotating a sandpaper-covered disc.

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