Deutsch: Spur, Route / Português: Track
A Conference track is a group of talks on a certain topic that are usually made in parallel with others. a trackway is an ancient route of travel or a track used by animals.

In an industrial context, "track" refers to a linear path or route along which objects or vehicles are guided or moved. The track industry encompasses the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of tracks and related systems for a variety of applications, including transportation, material handling, and machinery. Some examples of industries related to tracks include:

  1. Railway and train track manufacturing and maintenance
  2. Automated material handling and conveyor systems, including warehouse and distribution center systems
  3. Heavy machinery and equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, and cranes
  4. Mining and resource extraction, including mining carts and conveyors
  5. Aerospace and defense, including missile guidance and launch systems
  6. Amusement parks and attractions, including roller coasters and monorails
  7. Automotive and transportation, including assembly line conveyor systems and tire testing tracks.

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