Deutsch: Förderband / Español: Transportador / Português: Transportador / Français: Convoyeur / Italiano: Nastro trasportatore /

A conveyor is a type of machine or equipment commonly used in manufacturing, production, and material handling processes to transport materials or products from one place to another. Conveyors are typically composed of a frame, rollers or belts, and a motor that drives the movement.

Examples of conveyors include:

  • Belt conveyors: a continuous loop of material that rotates around pulleys to transport products from one location to another
  • Roller conveyors: use a series of rollers to move objects along a path
  • Chain conveyors: use a chain and sprocket system to move products
  • Bucket conveyors: use buckets attached to a chain or belt to transport products
  • Screw conveyors: use a helical screw blade to move materials along a tube or trough.

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