Wadding is referring to the act of hanging staff by fastening wads made of plaster of Paris and excelsior or fiber to the casts and winding them around the framing.

The Wheelchair Battery is a determining factor in the range and power of a powered chair. Generally, the larger the chair's batteries, the greater the power and the longer the chair's range between charges. Many chairs require two rechargeable 12-volt batteries. Most wheelchairs utilize U1, group 22 or 24 batteries, although other batteries are also used.

Wheel/tire of wheel chairs is also an important component.
Most wheelchairs use four wheels, two large wheels at the back and two smaller ones called casters at the front.

Worm-hole is described as an elongated or tubular cavity formed entrapped gas during the solidification of molten metal
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"Waffles" is in the HS Code "1905.32"
  - -- Waffles and wafers
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Warp rib is a lightly ribbed fabric that is used for men's and women's clothing.
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Weld junction pertains to the boundary between the fusion zone and the heat affected zone
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Welders, junctions
Wardrobe refers to a large cabinet or cupboard for hanging clothes.

Wardrobe is described as a tall cupboard with a chest of drawers, originally called a clothes press but became known as the wardrobe in the 18th century when a rod was added for handing clothes and a mirror was often fitted to the interior or exterior of a door.

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"Wardrobe" is in the UNSPSC Code "91101903"
  Wardrobe consultant
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