Leather is described as the pelt of an animal which has been transformed by tanning into a non-putrescible, useful material . A pelt is also named as animal hide with fur attached. There are different kinds or types of leather:
1.Grain leather - the hides and skins of animals which have been processed with the grain, or outer surface, dressed for end use;
2. Naked leather - a hide that has been dyed, with no other finishes applied; and
3. Suede - leathers that are finished by buffing the flesh side (opposite the grain side) to produce a nap by napping process, and is unrelated to the type of skin used.;

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"Leather" is in the NAICS Code "315292"
  (Fur and Leather Apparel ManufacturingHats, fur (except apparel contractors), manufacturing)

"Leather" is in the CPC Code "29"
  Leather and leather products; footwear

"Leather" is in the HS Code "4104"
  Leather Of Bovine Or Equine Aninals, Without Hair On, Other Than Leather Of Heading N? 4108 Or 4109

"Leather" is in the UNSPSC Code "11141610"
  Leather waste or scrap

"Leather" is in the NACE Code "D"
  · Leather converting

"Leather" is in the ISIC Code "D"
  - Leather converting (see 1911);
Ref: 120709/2006-10-01

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