Wing body vehicle is referring to a van-type truck of a structure that allows the cargo compartment side combined with a part of the roof to be swung up to facilitate side-loading/unloading. This capability of side loading/unloading ensures high freight efficiency and loading/unloading efficiency.
Ref: 120850/2006-10-01

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): wings, Vehicles
Wood chip is characterized as pieces of wood of a fairly consistent size used in the manufacture of pulp.
Ref: 120821/2006-09-22

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Wood pellet is described as sawdust compressed into uniform diameter pellets to be burned in a heating stove.
Ref: 120857/2006-10-07

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Wood preservation means the use of a preservative for the preservation of wood by means of heat or pressure treatment, or both, and includes the manufacture, blending, or reformulation of wood preservatives for that purpose.
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Woolen refers to a system of processing that utilizes the shorter length wools within a grade.
Ref: 123962/2006-10-18

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Workcell pertains to set of devices that are able to work in a synchronized way.
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Worked ivory is described as any items made of ivory for jewellery, adornment, art, utility or musical instruments (but not including whole tusks in any form, except where the whole surface has been carved), provided that such items are clearly recognizable as such and in forms requiring no further carving, crafting or manufacture to effect their purpose.

French - ivoire travaillé
Spanish - marfil trabajado

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"Worked ivory" is in the HS Code "9601.10"
  - - Worked ivory and articles of ivory
Ref: 122694/2006-09-19

Wrapping (fiber) concerns with the process whereby fibers, yarns or other materials are wrapped around a core material .

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"Wrapping" is in the UNSPSC Code "23152901"
  Wrapping machinery
Ref: 122518/2006-10-03

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