A chair is a piece of furniture for sitting, consisting of a seat, a back, and sometimes arm rests, commonly for use by one person.

Chairs also often have four legs to support the seat raised above the floor. The chairs for more than one persons are sofa, loveseat, settee.

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"Chair" is in the UNSPSC Code "52101512"
Chair mat

Ref: 122678/2006-09-19

Chair is also known as seat is defined as a support for bearing the weight of a person in a sitting position.

It comprises (1) a bottom contoured to conform to the shape of the buttocks of the occupant or (2) supports for two or more different areas of the occupant"s body or (3) any support surface disclosed as a buttocks support in combination with a means, such as a table, desk or an additional buttocks support, which limits the use of such surface to the disclosed use.

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"Chair" is in the UNSPSC Code "52101512"
Chair mat

Ref: 122555/2006-10-10

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