A seat is place to sit, often referring to the area one sits upon as opposed to other elements like armrests. A seat is also known as a bench, a chair, a chaise longue, chesterfield, a couch, a davenport or a settee.

In an industrial or industry context, "seat" can refer to several different types of products or components, including:

  1. Seating - a surface or device designed to support the weight of a person or object, typically used in various industrial, manufacturing, or transportation settings.
    Examples of seating in an industrial context:
  1. Valve seat - a surface in a valve or other fluid control device that seals against a valve closure element, preventing fluid from leaking out of the valve.
    Examples of valve seats in an industrial context:
    • Seats in water valves
    • Seats in oil and gas valves
    • Seats in hydraulic valves
  1. Bearings - a mechanical component that provides support and reduces friction between moving parts, often used in rotating machinery.
    Examples of bearings in an industrial context:

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