Work of art is something that is synonymous to conceptual art which means works of art in which the idea is equally if not more important than the finished product.

Conceptual art can take many forms, from photographs to texts to videos, while sometimes there is no object at all. Conceptual art can be the artist's own experience that is the work of art. Other examples of work of art are:
1. Monument which is a public work of art, usually large in scale, which commemorates a group of people, historical event, or ideal.;
2, Installation installation - a work of art created for a specific architectural situation, installations often engage multiple senses such as sight, smell and hearing;
3. Contemporary art made after 1970 or works of art made by living artists. A loose term that at times overlaps with Modern Art, many museums specialize in showing art by living artists in isolation while other institutions show contemporary art along with works dating back thousands of years.

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