Wing cutter is identified as a reaming tool with wing-shaped extensions, used to expand the pilot hole to its final diameter.

Wheel refers to the round metal structure that holds a tire which is often called a rim.

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"Wheel" is in the HS Code "8714.92"
  - -- Wheel rims and spokes

Watch Strap is a term that is used to denote strap, band, or bracelet that holds the watch to the wrist. Most watches are easy to size to fit.

Work of art is something that is synonymous to conceptual art which means works of art in which the idea is equally if not more important than the finished product.

The term worsted refers to the following:

Weaving is described as the method or process of interlacing two yarns of similar materials so that they Cross each other at right angles to produce a woven fabric.The process by which the warp and weft are interlaced at right angles to form a continuous fabric.

Warning devices refer to signs, signals, markings, and devices placed along highways approaching and at railroad/highway crossings on, over or adjacent to a street or highway used to direct and assist vehicle operators and pedestrians in crossing the rail line safely.

Wheat Farming - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing wheat and/or producing wheat seeds.

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