Deutsch: Panel / Français: Panel

In an industrial or industry context, a panel refers to a flat and usually rectangular component, typically made of metal or plastic, that serves as a component or part of a larger system or device.

Some examples of panels in the industrial context include:

  1. Control panel: used to control and monitor various functions and systems in a factory or plant.
  2. Switch panel: used to switch on and off various electrical circuits.
  3. Instrument panel: displays and monitors information about the operation of equipment or vehicles.
  4. Electrical panel: houses electrical circuits and provides power to different devices and systems.
  5. Distribution panel: used to distribute electrical power to different parts of a facility.
  6. Access panel: used to access and repair parts of a machine or system that are not easily reachable.
  7. Fire panel: used in fire alarm systems to control and monitor the detection and response to fires.
  8. Solar panel: used to generate electricity from sunlight.
  9. Panel meter: used to measure and display electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and power.
  10. Panel filter: used in air conditioning and ventilation systems to filter air before it is circulated.

These are just a few examples, and the specific functions and features of panels can vary greatly depending on the specific application and industry.


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