Traffic sign is described as an official device that gives a specific message, either by words or symbols, to the public.
Ref: 124277/2006-10-01

Transhipment is characterized as the transfer of a specimen from one carrier or form of transport to another.
Ref: 122859/2006-10-12

Tuberous root pertains to an enlarged secondary root, used for food storage and asexual propagation
Ref: 124155/2006-09-19

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): rooters, roots
TRIAC (Triode AC switch) is characterized as a three-terminal silicon device that functions as two SCRs configured in an inverse, parallel arrangement , providing a means of providing load current during both halves of the AC supply voltage.

A TRIAC is generally used for motor speed control. Since load current (armature current) flows during both halves of the applied AC voltage, the motor rotates smoothly at all rotational speeds
Ref: 124197/2006-09-24

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): switchers, Switches
Tuberous stem is characterized as the swollen section on underground portion of main stem, used for food storage and asexual propagation.
Ref: 124279/2006-10-01

Telecine is described as a machine that has the capability of converting a major motion picture into a television format. The signal is reprocessed as is the size of the image. Older films have the same ratio size as television, 4:3, and accordingly do not need to be processed through the full Telecine apparatus. Telecines are used to transmit film content directly to the medium of television.
Ref: 124243/2006-09-27

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Telecines
Tungsten-halogen lamp is characterized as one of the more expensive lights on the set, compared to incandescents, the tungsten-halogen lamp houses a filament in a glass enclosure what passes through a halogenous gas and burns at a higher temperature than incandescents. The halogens do not blacken and accordingly give off a constant and consistent light rather than a wavering and inconsistent effect.
Ref: 124241/2006-09-27

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Terminal operations refers to:
(a) the use of storage tanks and associated equipment at a site used to store or transfer crude oil, artificial crude or intermediates of fuel products into or out of a pipeline; or

(b) operating activities of a primary distribution installation normally equipped with floating roof tanks that receives gasoline by pipeline, railcar, marine vessel or directly from a refinery.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Terminals

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