Thermal cutting refers to the parting or shaping of materials by the application of heat with or without a stream of cutting oxygen.

A Terminal is an assigned area in which containers are prepared to be loaded into a vessel or are stacked immediately after discharge from the vessel.

Trap pertains to a type of fishing by means of devices such as cages that trap fish in a confined environment.

Transport packaging refers to a kind of packaging used for transporting products from manufacturers to distributors or retailers.

Transponder pertains to the device in a communications satellite that receives signals from an uplink on earth and transmits it back to earth (downlink).

Transducer is identified as an electronic sensing device in the bottom of the boat, usually in a through-Hull, that provides the data for a boat's depthsounder or speedometer.

Train is referring to one or more engines coupled with or without rail cars.

Tractor is described as a machine designed for towing. I.e. farm tractor, caterpillar tractor, highway tractor.