Tiller is described as the control and steering mechanism for the scooter, usually containing the controls to drive the scooter forward or in reverse, as well as steering the front Wheel or wheels.

Tie-down fitting is described as an attachment device designed to transfer forces between a load-bearing device such as a net, Strap, rope, or bar, and a seat track.

Tire is characterized as the round rubber that sits on your Wheel and gives you a smooth ride, if it doesn't go flat.

Thermometer refers to an instrument for measuring temperature whose development began in the early seventeenth century. Thermometers are based on the property of gases, liquids, and solids to Expand or contract with changes in temperature. Other thermometer designs are based on electrical phenomena.

The term thermoplastic (also thermosoftening plastic) refers to a type of polymer that is solid when cooled, but becomes pliable and/or moldable when heated up to a specific temperature.

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"Thermoplastic" is in the UNSPSC Code "13101723"

Ref: 122583/2006-10-10

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The term top may refer to the following:

  • any piece of clothing designed to cover the area of the upper human body between the neck and the waistline
  • a platform at the upper end of each lower mast on a traditional square rigged ship, used to anchor the shrounds of the ship's topmast

Transplanting generally takes place starting in mid-April and can go on through the end of June. This is done in the fields that have previously been prepared for planting.

Plants are transplanted into the soil using a machine called a transplanter. There are different kinds of transplanters.

The Thunnus maccoyii is a Southern bluefin tuna found in Gazetteer Atlantic, Indian and Pacific: temperate and cold seas, mainly between 30°S and 50°S, to nearly 60°S. During spawning, large fish migrate to tropical seas, off the west coast of Australia, up to 10°S.

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