Disperse dye is a substantially water-insoluble dye having substantivity for one or more hydrophobic fibres, e.g. cellulose acetate, and usually applied from fine aqueous dispersion.

Direct process end use defined as those end uses that are specific to the carrying out of manufacturing. They include process heating, process cooling and refrigeration, machine drive, electrochemical processes, and other process uses.

The Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) refers to a technology for bringing high-bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines.

Digital image scanner is a device for scanning the images contained on pages of a document and transforming the scanned image into digital electronic signals corresponding to the physical state at each part of the search area, that is, into image documents.

A Dicing machine also called dicing attachment or cubing machine is described as a bench-mounted hand- or motor-driven two-operation machine that first forces food through a grid network of knives in a square pattern and then slices the food the same length as the side of the square.

Distillation refers to the first step in the refining process. During distillation, crude oil is heated in the base of a distillation tower.

Device can be taken to mean:

1. An electrical device designed to carry power;

Digital command control has something to do with the  method of controlling multiple trains and accessories using digital communications packets to send commands.

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