Drawing is a term used for a variety of forming operations, such as deep drawing a sheet metal blank ; redrawing a tubular part; and drawing rod, wire, and tube.

Drive system refers to the means by which power is delivered to the chair's wheels. Standard drive systems include gear drive, direct drive, and belt drive. The type of drive system affects the power available to propel the chair and the amount and type of maintenance the chair requires.

Derail is a verb that is described as "to leave the rails"; as a noun however, derail concerns a safety device placed on the track, usually on a siding, to prevent cars from rolling onto the main line. It may have a cast steel frog that diverts one Wheel up and over the rail to stop a car well short of the clearance point. Some derails consist of a single switch point that is normally left open to stop any moving car clear of the main track.

Delivery tricycles is a term for a road vehicle is a three-wheeled, early-type open automobile using bicycle wheels, a steel-tube frame and is propelled solely by the muscular energy of the persons on that vehicle, in particular by means of a pedal system, Lever or handle which are used solely for the purpose of delivering or distributing goods, mails and other things.

Dairy products and analogues includes all types of dairy products that are derived from the milk of any milking animal (e.g., cow, sheep, goat, buffalo).

Dairy cow refers to a bovine from which milk production is intended for use or sale for human consumption, or is kept for raising replacement dairy heifers.

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Cows

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The Dairy cattle breed is characterized as a group of dairy cattle having a common origin and identifiable traits which is almost frequently the color.

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Dairy refers to milk and other dairy products processing plant, or it simply means a house, a farm or any place where processing of milk and other dairy products takes place. Dairy products include: milk, cheese, cream, butte, yoghurt, casein, whey , and milk powders.

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