Recording thermometer refers to one of several kinds of thermometer (liquid, metal, etc.) whose readings are recorded by a pen on a clockwork-driven drum carrying a ribbon of graduated paper. Also called self-registering thermometer.
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Refractory lining refers to a heat-resistant ceramic insulation.
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Ram is described as the driven/movable part of a metalforming machine .
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Rod-back Windsor refers to variation of a fan-back, having one or two rod-like bows connecting the upper ends of the spindles
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Rock Cornish fryer, roaster, or hen is the progeny of a Cross between a purebred Cornish and a purebred Rock chicken, without regard to the weight of the carcass involved; however, the term fryer, roaster,or a hen shall apply only if the carcasses are from birds with ages and characteristics of a broiler or fryer or roaster or roasting chicken.
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Rabbit refers to a domesticated lagamorph of the genus Orctolagus Cuniculus. Some of the meat sold fresh or frozen in the grocery store is a domesticated animal from the rabbit family. The meat is finely textured and almost all white. Choosing a small, younger rabbit, in the range of 2 to 3 pounds, will provide a more tender and mild flavored meat.

Rabbit a small plug that is run through a flow line by pressure to clean the line or test for obstructions

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"Rabbit" is in the NAICS Code "112930"
  (Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit ProductionRabbit production)

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Requirement is something that is required in advance; "Latin was a prerequisite for admission"
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Something that is demanded; necessity, something that is needed
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Russia is characterized as a reddish-brown calfskin impregnated with birch bark oil. A popular binding material in the late Eighteenth century, it is rarely met with today as it tends to deteriorate badly.
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